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We know how difficult it is to keep up with ever-changing technology.
You don’t have time to wait for slow machines, buggy software or devices with broken screens.

At Apex, we offer a wide range of technology repair and upgrade services to meet your exact needs. From screen replacements, software and hardware upgrades, we have what it takes to get you and your devices back up and running, quickly.

Our Services

Mobile Device

Whether iPhone or Android, mobile or tablet - we will get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Our 5-star service will make sure you get what you need, when you need it 

Software Diagnosis and Resolution

If your computer has slowed down or is acting funny, our experience and expertise will find out what is wrong and take the steps necessary to speed things up and get rid of those annoying error messages

Hardware Fixes and Replacements

Whether you need upgrades or repairs - more memory to speed things up, or a new graphics card to run that new application or play the latest games, Apex has you covered

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Computer Experience

Whether you use your computer for work or play, you rely on your equipment to do its job. If that means an upgrade to your hardware so you can run the latest software, or if you need a complete overhaul to get things running properly, we have the solution to make sure your computer system is working to the best of its capability and is NOT a source of frustration.

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Looking for True Relationship-Based Service?

Apex is the only full-service computer & mobile repair service in the Sherwood Park area that excels in all your hardware and software needs.

Who We Are

Computer & Mobile Device Services in Sherwood Park with a Personal Touch

 The entire reason we created Apex Computer & Mobile Repairs was for people just like you.
Our job is to make your life easier, and we spend tremendous amounts of time finding industry insights, new approached  to enhance your technology experience.
We will also sit down with you to learn about your specific challenges and where you need help- every single one of our services are custom-tailored to your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a local provider with roots in the community, who truly cares about giving you the best service, best price and best experience possible, please call us today at (780) 885-2333 to learn how we can help.

Apex Mobile iPhone repair Sherwood Park

Myth: "Aftermarket Screens Aren't as Good"

As you might expect, there are many differing qualities of screens available for replacements. Here at Apex, we offer two types: OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer (actual manufacturer branded screens, such as Apple or Samsung) and Aftermarket or Third Party Generic (not manufacturer branded screens).

That’s not to say that Aftermarket screens are bad – on the contrary, some are quite good and at Apex, the Soft OLED Aftermarket screens we offer are just a step down from OEM. Going Aftermarket is a great way to save a bit of money on what has become a very expensive endeavour.

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NOTE: Unlike other repair shops, we don’t just automatically put on an Aftermarket screen (which may even be a poor quality one, to boot.)
​​​​​​​At Apex, we will explain the pros and cons of the options available.
You can make the choice as to what you prefer
(and what you’re willing to pay for.)

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Carla Howatt

Apex is dah BOMB! Grace is knowledgeable, helpful, and a straight-shooter...she won't try to sell you something you don't need!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Quickly are Repairs Done?

This will, of course, depend entirely on what the repair job is. We would allow anywhere from 45 minutes to a three hours for phone or tablet repairs.

For computer troubleshooting and repairs, please allow 24 hours.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes we do! We offer a 90 day workmanship guarantee. If you run into any problems with any repair within 90 days, bring it back and we'll make it right.

Do you do housecalls?

Can't make it over and want it done at your place? No problem - for an extra $35* we will have our technician come to you and perform the services on location.

*Based upon availability, call us to schedule.

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